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Suite 10, Woodmill Lane, Knysna, 6571

Complementary, natural and alternative medicine was the spark that ignited Go Life. These products will remain at the core of development and product offerings to our market.

Products and the tangible benefits that are derived therefrom, by the clients of Go Life, from the backbone of the business.

Although a more holistic approach to the market is eminent, Go Life will continue to pursue innovation and excellence in this field to ensure the delivery of the most beneficial products to its clients.

At Go Life we believe that in addition to a healthy lifestyle, our range of supplementary medicine can help people avoid many ailments and support the goal of ongoing good health.

The Go Life range of products is the culmination of scientific research by a renowned team of scientists. At Go life we encompass a proud tradition of innovative, natural supplementary medicine, designed to make a real difference in people’s lives.

By using excellent quality ingredients, our range of products are scientifically blended to advance wellness and help prevent some of the most feared ailments of our time. All Go Life products is manufactured under strict GMP standards. Our product range offers world class medicinal medicines to our many loyal consumers.