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Suite 10, Woodmill Lane, Knysna, 6571

Traditionally, the sick, elderly and frail were cared for by relatives at home or by the community at large. Modern lifestyle patterns and demands renders this tradition impossible! In most households both parents are employed, leaving the sick, elderly and frail to their own care devices. The shortcomings of “own care” has presented the opportunity for patients to be institutionalised in frail care centres. Especially patients suffering from Alzheimers, Dementia and mobility impairing diseases, can now be properly cared for in these unique centres.

To address the overwhelming need in an ageing society, BonHealthCare offers frail care services in four excellent care facilities in the Western Cape.

The company currently owns four frail care centres within retirement villages boasting +/- 230 beds. The company also offers and manages a sub-acute facility with 10 beds.

Consistent with the needs of the ageing population, BonHealthCare also offers four assisted live-in cluster apartments with one hundred beds. Four fully equipped restaurants with a servicing capacity to equal 220 000 meals annually, contributes to the comprehensive service of the BonHealthCare group.

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