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Unlike intrusive traditional methods, Cryo-Genix employs a fairly simple non-invasive skin biopsy to harvest stem cell material. The stem cells will be able to differentiate into any tissue type such as bone, muscle, cartilage and neurons, to name but a few.

Mesenchymal stem cells are the major source of adult stem cells for cellular therapy. Over the past 10 years more than 344 clinical trials have been registered in various disease settings.

Cryo-Genix has extensive experience and access to unique formulation technologies of cosmeceuticals. These include formulations based on specific trans-dermal oils and solvents to offer unique therapeutic advantages. This includes formulations to offer pain relief for various inflammatory conditions. The technology includes cosmeceutical formulations for use in skin healing, burn healing and anti-aging.

Cryo-Genix has unique formulation technology of cannabinoids, specifically cannabidiol incorporated into transdermal gels and creams. Cannabidiol is the safe and active, non-addictive cannabinoid with numerous therapeutic advantages.

Cryo-Genix has unique expertise in the formulation of local plant based natural products into a range of transdermal creams or gels. These plants have well defined anecdotal efficacy. Cryo-Genix has a fully equipped biotechnology laboratory and the new company will have access to this equipment until such time that the company have acquired its own facility.

Cryo-Genix has extensive experience in human genetics research. One of the main partners is Dr L du Plessis who has a PhD in human genetics. Dr du Plessis has research and development experience in Cytogenetics and management of Molecular Genetics and Virology research facilities. The other partner, Greg Gilbert, is the CEO of a successful biotechnology company with a first to market FDA approved drug in post- operative pain relief based on unique formulation technology. The company also has various drugs in clinical development in the USA for metastatic breast cancer, post- operative nausea, vertigo and migraine. Greg Gilbert has managed to secure collaboration with various pharmaceutical companies on an international basis to expand the company’s platform.

The company also has exclusive access to a unique HIV vaccine opportunity. This vaccine initiative will be developed in Mauritius and the rights for Sub-Saharan Africa have been secured by Cryo-Genix. It is envisaged that a new company will be formed by Cryo-Genix to house these rights offshore.