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To remain relevant in the complementary and alternative medicinal sector and compete as leader in the world of healing, participants need to remain competitive through innovation and by staying abreast of global scientific and technological developments.

The Go Life Biotech division is tasked to research, develop, source excellent quality medical materials and manufacture class leading medicinal remedies.

Go Life through its research and development arm, aims to offer class leading veterinary vaccines to specifically focus on preventative medical solutions where there is either no current solution or where the current treatment costs are prohibitive.

Stem cell technology is poised to become the next generation of solutions to a variety of ailments. Cryo-Genix, offers a unique medical solution through the harvesting of adult stem cells. This will allow older children or adults to bank their stem cells for future use through cellular manipulation, should they fall prey to some dreaded disease.

As a result of its historical illegal status, research into cannabis chemistry is nearly non-existent. For this reason, given that the legal status surrounding cannabis has changes recently, it is imperative that we fast track our understanding of the chemical and pharmaceutical value of Cannabis. This includes formulating the whole plant extract  into an array of new and novel galenical forms to offer accurate dosing.