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Suite 10, Woodmill Lane, Knysna, 6571

Go Life Agriculture

As an advocate for natural medicinal remedies and a true believer in preventative supplements rather than expensive treatment, the attributes contained in medical Cannabis can no longer be denied.

 More and more trusted studies pays tribute to this ancient healer. The medical world has excepted its medicinal value, hence the international legalisation of the Cannabis plant as medicinal preparation.

In South Africa licenses are becoming available to produce Cannabis on big scale for its cbd value.

Go CannaCure Co-op

To acknowledge the efforts of the pioneers, whom at own risk cultivated Cannabis, Go Life will seek partners to establish an agricultural service co-operative.

The intention is to provide various services to such small farmers including training and equipment.

Over the years, the production of Cannabis had to be operated “under cover” and therefore failed to create a structured and quality sensitive environment. The co-operation aims to establish such structure and will also serve as market channel to deserving farmers who produce Cannabis legally for medicinal purposes.

Evidently thorough research into legal and other concerns will have to be conducted, before the project is launched.

Go Life has already tasked its legal team to investigate the probability of such project in SA and in the SADC region.