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Suite 10, Woodmill Lane, Knysna, 6571

Go Life is involved in the frail care industry through its 49% holding in Bonhealth Services, which provides the actual frail care services and also holds 100% of the Bonhealth Properties. The five frail care facilities are fully owned by Bonhealth Properties.

Frail care service is a proven concept and provide an excellent outlet for the full spectrum of products that Go Life offers. It further fits in perfectly with the Change Focus Areas as discussed above.

Go Life intends to expand this offering through participation in community clinics, pharmacies and hospitals. The aim is not to become the owner of brick and mortar facilities on a large scale, but rather to partner with investors in this sector to deliver services through joint ventures.

The development of similar car in smaller communities has become critical in South Africa. The business venture with the Ingonyama Trust is intended to advance healthcare offerings in rural South Africa.