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Cutting edge technology and research resulted in the formation of Sontal, a lifestyle nutrition supplement that assists the enhancement of health and beauty from within. The highest quality Collagen, called Peptan, with a variety of cleverly combined ingredients, offer patients a product that delivers noticeable results.

In contrast to the products of Go-Life, that are supplementary in nature presented as capsules, sprays, solutions and creams. Sontal is focused on “lifestyle nutritional supplements” in the form of water soluble powders. By including these products in its range Go Life will become a participant in the nutritional “food” supplement market.

Johan Esterhuizen has 15 years’ experience in the formulation and manufacturing of nutritional supplements.

The business has been in operation for a period of 8 years and relies solely on internet sales, the products are popular with its users and through its pharmaceutical marketing structure (Audela/Venovi) Go-Life will significantly grow the sale of these products.